This is an individual task. The student must submit it

This is an individual task. The student must submit it as a report.

Imagine this scenario: You are the marketing chief of the brand of your choice in the entertainment industry. The revenue has gone down by 30% and you are losing clients. You know that an excellent social media marketing plan can prevent losing more clients and help the company to expand in its market. Elaborate a complete social media marketing plan explaining your strategy.

The social media marketing plan has to cover:

  • Cover
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction: Brief overview of the selected brand.
  • Goals and Objectives of the social media marketing plan
  • Social Media Presence (Where is the brand now and which tone are you aiming for?)
  • Social Media Listening (Identify your main competitors and the influencers of your market. Where are you situated in relation to them?)
  • Target
  • Competitive analysis
  • New Actions and new strategies

o Createonecontentasanexample
o Select the platforms and the resources o Stablish the schedule

  • Conclusions and Evaluation (How will you evaluate the strategies?)
  • Bibliography
    Now that you have elaborated the plan, you must obtain the green light from the CEO of the company. You will do a 5-minute presentation explaining the plan. The presentation must include the brief overview, goals and objectives, competitive analysis, new actions and strategies and the conclusions. Be ready to answer all the questions that the CEO of the company (in this case, the professor) may have about your social media marketing plan.

2500 words

Table of Contents

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