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Thread 1
Ms. Hernandez and Ms. Jordan are both sixth grade English teachers. Ms. Hernandez is a new teacher at the school and has additional certification and experience with gifted children. Ms. Jordan has been a certified English teacher for several years and has expressed interest in teaching more advanced classes. However, ever since Ms. Hernandez was asked to teach the advanced English class, Ms. Jordan has been overheard making negative comments about Ms. Hernandez’ teaching ability and about her personally in the faculty lounge. Mr. Jones, the sixth-grade history teacher, has heard Ms. Jordan making these negative comments on more than one occasion and he knows these comments are false. If you were Mr. Jones, how might you best approach this situation? Include evidence from the Model Code of Ethics for Educators and Professional Dispositions of Learners.

Thread 2
Explain what social justice means in education and in your role as a future educator. Provide specific examples that may encourage or discourage your ability to integrate faith and learning into your future classroom.

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