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Mr Saheed Bott is a 69 year old semi-retired university professor. His wife passed away 12 months ago and Saheed has kept himself busy marking papers from the university, reading and travelling. He has a son who has recently moved interstate for work. Mr Bott is a Muslim and English is his second language.
Mr Bott wears glasses for reading and other than a permanent colostomy (resulting from a large bowel infarction in 2005) he has nil significant medical history to report.
Last night Mr Bott was at dinner with friends when he suddenly became unwell and had difficulties speaking. Mr Bott was brought in by ambulance to the emergency department and was diagnosed as having had a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) with residual right (R) sided hemiplegia, dysphagia and dysphasia.
Mr Bott is transferred to the acute medical ward where you work.
Mr Bott appears drowsy but is responsive.  He is currently Nil by Mouth (NBM) whilst awaiting a speech therapist review.
His vital signs on arrival are: T 36.5 degrees C; P 120; R 24; SpO2 94% and BP 180/90.

1a)    Identify the factors that you would need to consider prior to and during an assessment? (min 50 words)

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