Tribes and tribalism- processes, problems and (po

 References: ! In order to write the paper please use only this book: – – And the papers that I send to you in attachment Order: Write a report (2500 words with references and executive summary on the following topic: Tribes and tribalism- processes, problems and (possible) solutions in the organizational setting. Across the globe human beings seem to be identifying more with specific others in the same ‘tribe’ and looking with repugnance/fear/distrust on others (i.e. ‘them’). At all levels of society, this seems to be bringing more costs than benefits and at the level of the organization it affects the goals and motivations of different groups. Use ideas from the BOOK and the papers in attachment to explain tribalism and its apparent growth. What lessons (theoretical and practical) do you take from this as a manager in an organization? Guidelines to pass the assignment form the teacher (READ THEM CAREFULLY) • ANSWER THE QUESTION AS IT IS SET. • Do not define terms or explain models.-. a) The prof knows the terms and the models and b) you have the textbook/articles/internet alongside you and so simply copying the theory from the source to your paper gains no marks. • Do not fill the paper with ‘facts’/’details’ without relating them directly (as evidence) to a concept/model. Every time you write down a fact or use a diagram/graph you need to justify it in terms of the models/theories/concepts you are using. • Do not use theories from outside of the book / articles except as a minor development of your main argument. Of course, there are other explanations, but you are required to show mastery and application of ideas from this course and not some other course. • The conclusions in this report are to explain what you have learned as a manager. • Cite (in the body of the text) and reference (at the end) correctly. A list of books and articles at the end is a bibliography and gains no marks. It is easy to cite and reference correctly. Here is a guide to the Harvard system – please use it

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