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Search two general human resource managerial positions in two different healthcare facilities (Hospital, nursing home, long-term care, clinic, ambulatory care) through or any other career site. In a two-column Word table format compare and contrast their job descriptions, required and desired academic qualification and licensure/certifications, and experience. Assess how would you compare your candidacy for these two positions as well as how would you bridge your academic qualification or skill gaps? Use CareerQuest VMock tool for this assignment . What additional personality traits HIM manager should possess to become a successful HR manager? Why?

Your APA formatted MEMO typed in 12-point Times New Roman (or 11- point Calibri) excluding the Cover and Reference pages  Use credible evidence to support your findings.  

Module 9 Readings

Health Information Management: Concepts, Principles, and Practice

Chapter 24 – Human Resources Management and Employee Training and Development, pgs. 717- 743.

Strategic Human Resource Management in Health Care Managing Motivation Among Healthcare Professionals, pgs. 47-70.

Human Resources Management

Chapter 1 – Introducing Human resources Management, pgs. 1-20.

(43065) Role of Human Resources Management in Health Care Industry | Free Essay Sample – YouTube.

(43065) Human Resource Management (HRM) Explained – Everything you Need to Know – YouTube

5 Challenges Facing Human Resources Management in Healthcare (

(PDF) Human Resource Management in Healthcare (

HR in the Healthcare Industry: 3 Major Challenges in 2022 | Eddy.

Strategic Human Resource Management in Healthcare | Business Paper Example (

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