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Please complete the following questions after you read the journal article “Beyond Rarity” by Kapferer. On the first day of class, your write up will need to upload your review to Moodle, and you will be asked to take a short quiz about your reading.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Read the last two requests you will need to bring and be prepared for the first day of class.


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The purpose of this journal article is to look at how luxury is a growing sector worldwide. This creates a major managerial challenge: How can luxury brands prevent becoming a victim of their success? Once objective rarity is lost, what other levers still sustain desire for these luxury brands, nurture their dream and, thus, prevent the dilution of desirability created by their growing penetration and sales?

The author, Jean-Noël Kapferer, have identified how, beyond mere physical rarity and very high quality, eight experiential and perceptual levers fuel luxury desirability through two structural paths: selection and seduction.


1. How does luxury create value? Share two examples and how you measure the value of the brand.        (500 words)

2. What is the dilemma of ever-growing luxury brands? How does this influence the “abundant rarity” strategies? Share two examples and how this has helped or hurt the brand and how you measured this.       (500 words)

3. Profiling the brand experience: What are the key factors and what brand do you think uses these factors? (500 words)

4.  What makes luxury desirable? (500 words)

5. Research Jean-Noël Kapferer, the author of this paper and write a brief bio about him. I had the pleasure of working with him in July in Paris and look forward to sharing with you what I discovered. (250 words)



In-Class Discussion:

Share to the class your position on where you think luxury stands today and the challenges luxury brands may have in the next five years.

Bring to class the first night (this counts as participation points):

Print out one image of a luxury brand, product or service you can share with the class and why you think this is luxury

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Course Description 

The ‘Luxury Brand Marketing’ course will examine marketing strategies across multiple brand sector with an emphasis on digital marketing, globalization, and innovation. Throughout the course, we will explore what drives the new luxury business models, the global market, and marketing intelligence. Through case studies, research, and guest lecturers, we will analyze the essence of luxury branding, distribution systems, and the critical role of brand image in the digital age. Through this course, students will learn how luxury brands develop, secure, and maintain their desirable reputationsStudents will gain insights and critical skills to make decisions about strategic business and how to approach luxury marketing from a global perspective.

Required Textbooks 

• Rethinking Luxury: How to Market Exclusive Products in an Ever-Changing Environment. Wittig, Martin C.; Sommerrock, Fabian; Beil, Phillip; Albers, Markus (2015). Published by Lid Publishing Inc. ISBN-13: 978-1907794568

Suggested Reading
• Kapferer on Luxury: How Luxury Brands Can Grow Yet Remain Rare. Kapferer, Jean-

Noël (2015). Publisher Kogan Page. ISBN-13: 978-07494-7436-2


Luxury Brand Marketing 001 SPRING 2021 


Course Key Learning Goals 

  • Understanding history of heritage luxury brands their global reach
  • Explore the present and past consumer perception of the luxury market
  • Develop the skill sets necessary to execute marketing strategies for the luxury market
  • Analyze and understand the elements in the luxury culture
  • Understanding the luxury sectors and the power of leveraging of heritage brands
  • An understanding of the luxury segment of the market as it applies to a variety of
    Major Topics (Relationship to Course Objectives)
    1. To introduce tools and skills sets to market proficiently in the premium and luxury market sectors.
  1. To introduce luxury brand equity through useful frameworks and quantitativeresearch: developing, growing globally.
  2. To give participants critical skill sets for evaluating new luxury marketing models.
  3. To acquaint participants with and help them to understand analytical approach to marketing
    decisions in the luxury sector.

Alignment with BBA Program Goals 

This course is designed to support the following program learning goals:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Ethical perspectives in professional decision-making
  3. Global awareness

Instructional Methodology 

This is a seminar course. Class discussions and active participation are designed to develop the critical thinking, communication and managerial skills necessary to successfully run a luxury brand. Class outline includes: oral presentations, case analysis, group activities, professional collaborations with luxury marketing researchers and industry professionals.