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Unit 2, Discussion Prompt Option 2


Select a stimulus class to teach a hypothetical learner through discrimination training. Identify which items might serve as examples and which might serve as non-examples. What does the learner have to discriminate between and generalize across? You may respond to the example provided below.

For example:

The stimulus class “chair” would consist of all pieces of furniture (of any size, including miniature items) which have four legs and a back of some sort, but seat only one person. Chairs could be made of different materials (wood, metal), could be different colors and sizes, and could do different things (rock, glide, swivel). A chair is not a sofa, sofa chair, or recliner. The difference between a chair and a sofa chair is the amount of cushion on the seat, back, and arms. Large amounts of padding (at least three times the size of the base of the seat and arms) would constitute a sofa chair.