Using the job description you developed in M2D1-see attached ,

Using the job description you developed in M2D1-see attached , you will create a learning and development program for this activity.

Assignment Instructions

  1. Introduction to X (field) 
    1. Do a little bit of research and indicate:
      1. Current Challenges in X (your field).
        1. What are three current challenges organizations are facing in your field?
      2. New Developments in X (your field).
        1. What are three new developments in your field?
      3. Employee Engagement
        1. What are three challenges leaders face in your field trying to keep the workforce engaged?
  2. L&D Program
    1. Identify three major Trainings this role will have to complete based on your research.
      1. Include:
        1. L&D Strategy.
        2. Learning Goals, Outcomes, and Objectives.
        3. L&D Design.
          1. Include estimated costs and time to completion.
        4. Measurements of Effectiveness.
  3. Employee Engagement
  4. Identify three focus areas leaders should concentrate on to keep employees engaged in your field.
  5. How can leaders harness L&D to keep employees engaged?
  6. Conclusion

Your short response paper should be at least 400 words, utilize scholarly references and APA (including a title page and references page), and incorporate at least two scholarly references. Don’t forget to develop a thoughtful response that is woven and stylistic in some way.

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