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Molecular sequence assignment the topic is (Anti-carcinoembroyonic antigen). Molecular sequence assignment .Using the National Centre for Biotechnology Information website , students will be required to determine the molecular sequence (nucleotide and amino acid) of a given molecular, find an appropriate article and write a short report. Marks will be allocated for correct sequence identification and reading frame, understanding of content, formatting and referencing (Use APA referencing). Basically you need to go to the NCBI website and search the nucleotide database. As you are also looking for human, you will need to type ‘homo sapiens’ to your search. Your search may come up with many results, but as you are after the protein you will need to select the mRNA (protein encoding nucleotides). This can be found on the left-hand side. Once you have this you may have several different variants. It doesn’t matter which one which one you choose. From here you need to find a program online, such as ExPASy – translate tool, which will convert your base pair sequence into the different amino acid reading frame. You will be given several different reading frames, you need to decide which is the correct one and provide a justification. Once you have completed this, you need to find an article and write the review

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