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Using the Scope I have attached I need a Complete AON Network for the Project and Resource Allocation Schedule by Phase.

The Complete AON Network for the Project (see p. 181 for example)
o Must contain completed grid squares for each activity, including:
 ES (Earliest Start)
 EF (Earliest Finish)
 LS (Latest Start)
 LF (Latest Finish)
 SL (Slack Time)
 DUR (Activity Duration)
o Must identify the critical path on the network
o Include 1 paragraph discussing if/when non-critical activities can be

The Resource Allocation Schedule by Phase (see p. 264 for example) must include
o A listing of all resources (human, equipment, etc.) required for each phase/activity during each week of the project in tabular format
o Include 1-2 paragraphs providing details of the resources needed/listed