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This assignment is divided into three parts. You may choose to work with one partner, or work

individually. Please read through all of the instructions before you begin.

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To provide the student with an opportunity to practice performing a comprehensive health history on a

client. This will be done on an adult of the student’s own choosing. Areas of health concern will be

identified to determine health promotion needs in conjunction with the client.

You will be assessed on how you apply an understanding of the following general learning outcomes:

• conduct a health history interview of a client

• validate and document the findings of the health history

• determine health promotion and disease prevention needs requiring client teaching


Part 1 – Interview Preparation:

1. Find a client, with a stable medical health condition, who is willing to participate in your health

history assignment and meets the criteria below:

a. an adult aged 16-64 (e.g., friend, family member or peer who is not your partner in this

assignment) or,

b. an older adult aged 65-up (e.g., friend, family member)