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We want some help with answering some selection criteria questions for NSW health new grad programme for registered nurses TPP programme. Questions are following Briefly address each of the six (6) selection criteria. There is a maximum of 150 words for each criteria 1) Demonstrated high-level interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills. 2) Demonstrated clinical knowledge and clinical problem solving abilities. 3) Demonstrated ability to work within a team 4) An understanding of the professional, ethical and legal requirements of the Registered Nurse or Registered Midwife 5) A demonstrated understanding of the role of the RN or RM in applying continuous improvement, quality and safety 6) A demonstrated understanding of NSW Health’s CORE Values – Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment Suggestions No references needed. Please answer questions on The STAR technique. It is a way to help you structure your responses to the individual Selection Criteria. When you address each criteria make sure you only include one example per criteria and always start with a positive statement. S – Situation: Set the scene. Where were you and what were you doing? Try to do this in approximately three lines T – Task: State what the task was and you were trying to achieve. In other words what was your desired outcome? A – Action: What did you specifically do? What skills did you use? How did you handle the situation? Was it complex? This should make up the main body of your response. R – Result: What was the result of your actions? Try to make this as positive as possible. Even if the Outcome was not the desired one, what did you learn or how would you handle it differently next time. Also, use these positive adjectives if possible from the list below Overcame Achieved Enlarged Developed Discovered Controlled Managed Delivered Reorganised Won Applied Defeated Eliminated Engineered Overhauled Presented Founded Instigated Created Directed Attracted Led Initiated Established Enjoyed Contributed Modified Specialised Expanded Repaired Improved Analysed Coordinated Trained Organised Guided Conducted Implemented Built Designed Persuaded Helped Proved Utilised Simplified Investigated Completed Compiled Demonstrated Accomplished Transformed Introduced Finalised Headed Constructed Supervised Illustrated Outlined Selected Monitored Quickly Successfully Rapidly Carefully Decisively Competently Resourcefully Capably Efficiently Consistently Effectively Positively Cooperatively Selectively Creatively Assertively Energetically Enthusiastically Responsibly Flexibly Please ensure the answer are based on nursing area since I’m nursing student and I’m about to apply for new graduate position (TPP). Consice and best answers possibly answered by nursing professional please. Please no grammar error. Thank you

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