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Video Paper Requirements 40 points (select ONE movie and answer all the questions and other information you research to support your answers) The paper must be in APA format.
Personality Disorders
Select one of the following movies and answer the discussion questions that
follow in APA format report.
uf0a7 Girl Interrupted (1999 Drama; Angelina Jolie, Winona Ryder,
Whoopie Goldberg)
uf0a7 Fatal Attraction (1987 Thriller/Drama; Glenn Close, Michael
uf0a7 Natural Born Killers (1994 Thriller/Drama; Woody Harrelson,
Juliette Lewis)
uf0a7 American Psycho (1999 Drama/Suspense; Christian Bale)
Must answer the following questions in your APA formatted paper.
Identify the character and the psychological disorder they display.
Did the movie accurately portray the symptoms of the disorder? Was this an accurate clinical picture? Explain in detail and provide examples from the movie.
Discuss any inaccuracies and misconceptions perpetrated of the disorder in the Movie. If the disorder was misrepresented explain how this could be misleading to a typical movie-goer?
How is a personality disorder different from an Axis 1 disorder?

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