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View this film from the beginning and end at 25 minutes 47 seconds.
This quiz will only focus on the times from 00:00-25:47.
However, you can view the video in its entirety.
Take notes and answer the following questions.
Question1: define the confirmation bias as describe in the video
Q2 what role does face book play in reinforcing our Confirmation Bias? Use examples from the film. what role do algorithms play in this process? use example from the film.
Q3. what does the research reveal(100 studies done around the world) about the people being presented with facts about a controversial issue. Use examples from the film. what happens to these people when they are presented with evidence that the position they defend is flawed. use examples from the film.
Q4 What is the source of hyper moralism and hyper judgmentalism? What impact does it have on our society? Use the examples from the film.
Q5 How did Russia use the confirmation bias and to cause conflict in our society? Use examples from the film.

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