W10 Open Access and Alternative Publishing and W11 Collections as Data

Reading Required Reading:

• Closing the Gap Between University Presses and Libraries, Inside Higher Ed, October 18, 2018

• Libraries Face a Future of Open Access, (2018) • Copyright Conundrum, (2018) Listen: • How Open is it?, (2016) Instructional Materials See Scholarly Communication, Alternatively publishing and special collection.PPT Watch OCLC Video. (2011, December 5). Library Collections in the 21st Century Transcript.pdf W10 Discussion question & Instructions

– Please answer the question fully and then provide 3-4 sentences to summary/reflection of the reading, lecture, etc. W10 Question – Explain, with examples, two drawbacks to open access for libraries and information science institutions? Please Note: W12 assignment will ask What are the advantages and disadvantages of open access scholarly publishing? I will place new order for W12 quick write assignment in the next few days W10 Open Access and Alternative Publishing W10 Please answer the question fully and then provide 3-4 sentences to summary/reflection of the reading, lecture, etc. By the end of this week, you will be able to: • discuss past, present, and future of cooperative collection developments. • evaluate benefits and drawbacks of cooperative collection developments. W11 Collections as Data and Content Mining Reading Required Reading: • Collections as Data website • Collections as Data: Implications for Enclosure,” College and Research Libraries, 79 (6) (2018 • “Collections as Data: Conditions of Possibility,” (2016) • “NDI Talk at Collections as Data,” (2016) • Rescued History,” National Science Foundation Watch: Mapper’s Delight: Teaching Data Literacy at the Rap Research Lab Tahir Hemphill, Multimedia Artist, Hip Hop Word Count Project (Resource: Collections as Data: IMPACT Schedule) Transcript for Collections as Data: Impact

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