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– Watch the video “What’s the Difference Between Information Governance and Data Governance” at

 – please view “Data Governance Vs. Information Governance”, a seminar by a consulting firm from July 2021


Listen to the new video, read this 2021 whitepaper IFHIMA_IG_OCT2021.pdfns from the International Federation of Health Information Management Associations ( (Links to an external site.)), and seek other sources if you wish to answer the following questions:

1.What are the drivers (needs, reasons for) of information governance (IG) and data governance (DG)? 
       2.  How do the differences between these drivers frame the different purposes and functions between information governance and DG?
3. Are information governance and DG the same thing, at odds with each other, or complementary? Explain and defend your answer.
4. What are possible synergies between information governance and DG?
Each question is worth 25 points.
All assignments are to be prepared as if they are being submitted in the performance of a management position including references to support your answers.