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We could reasonably suggest that during the adolescent stage, it may
be biologically difficult for a person to wrangle their emotions,
impulses, and behaviors.
As a medical educator, how would you teach a group of parents about why their adolescent boys and girls are acting out?
In 3 pages, create a “fact sheet” in MS Word that
includes a chart, images, or banners, tables, etc., that explain why adolescent children may be less logical and more emotional in their
decision-making. As part of your fact sheet, include ideas on how
parents can best support their teenager during this time
Be sure that you use peer-reviewed research to support your 3-page handout.
Writing Requirements (APA format)
Length: 3 pages (not including title page or references page)
Includes engaging presentation elements (i.e. images, banners, tables)
Attributes proper credit to outside sources (due to the creative
nature of this assignment, attribution may look different than it does
in a standard essay – that is ok so long as you credit your source in
such a way that your audience can easy track down the sources you
Minimum of 2 scholarly sources (in addition to course text)

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