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we discussed several different ways the culture of the ancient near east has shaped the world we live in today. One of the most important is the concept of a justice system and written law. This week, spend some time reading your primary source–Hammurabi’s Code–which is posted below. Then spend some time perusing your other primary source–the law code for the state of Georgia– which is also posted below. Do any laws seem similar? Do any seem very different? 

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After thinking about these questions, sum up your thoughts on the similarities and differences between two penal codes in a few sentences. A few intelligent points (3-4 substantial sentences) in a Word document are sufficient. 

Here are the links:


“A” level assignments: must have at last 3-4 sentences/bullet points that address BOTH the differences and similarities between Hammurabi’s Code and the Georgia 2019 Penal Code. Assignments must cite both primary sources at least once.