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We live in a world of data,
perhaps too much data. Organizations continue to store data
indefinitely. In fact, about 90
% of the data stored on todays databases
is deemed worthless within 3 months. Think about your email. How often
do you ever go back to an email from six months ago. But you still keep
it for what? How should organizations government personal data in a data
warehouse? What are some best practices you might suggest to your
organization if you were the CIO to ensure that the data in the system
was maintained properly?
This is a required assignment, worth 15 points. The assignment
must be submitted by the due date. Late assignment are
You are required to submit a minimum of two postings. Points will be deducted for not fulfilling this minimum requirement.
Apply and use the basic citation styles of APA is required.
Points are deducted per the rubric for this behavior.
Do not claim credit for the words, ideas, and concepts of
others. Use in-text citation and list the
reference of your supporting
source following
style and
Points are deducted per the
rubric for this behavior.
Do not copy and paste information or concepts from the Internet
and claim that is your work. It will be
considered Plagiarism and you
zero for your work.
A second offense results in a zero for
the course. A third is termination from the university.

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