Week 01 Discussion: Organizations Influencing Health Policy Question: Read over

Week 01 Discussion: Organizations Influencing Health Policy


Read over the list of Key Organizations on the NICHSR website. https://www.nlm.nih.gov/hsrph.html

Using the website above, select an organization from each of the three categories:

  1. Federal Agencies,
  2. Association and Organizations,
  3. International Organizations, Associations

that has a role in influencing health policy. For each of your three chosen sites, describe the organization’s chief purpose and give one example of a policy it has influenced. (Hint: visit the organization’s website.)

HSRIC. (n.d.). Key organizations. NIH, National Library of Medicine.

Week 1: Required Readings

Study these key timelines in Health Care:

Week 02 Discussion: Value-based Healthcare


Consider the information from your readings and videos about incentives for improving quality while lowering healthcare costs. What are the potential benefits and risks of a value-based system? Consider this discussion with regard to patient care, provider incentives, and the overall financial impact of our healthcare system. Give at least one example of how a patient may be helped or harmed under a value-based system.

Week 2: Required Readings

Week 03 Discussion: Evidence-Based Healthcare


Select two of the High-Burden Health Conditions targeted by the CDC in the 6/18 Initiative, and discuss the Evidence-Based Interventions for each. For one of the interventions, identify at least two stakeholders you would partner with to implement the strategy in your community.

CDC.org. (October 4, 2018). CDC’s 6/18 Initiative. CDC https://www.cdc.gov/sixeighteen/

Week 3: Required Readings

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