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Week 12: Reflective Essay – Comparison Between Central and Peripheral Nerve Systems
Compose and submit a reflective essay addressing the following questions and topics:
1. What are the anatomical and physiologic differences between the brain and cranial nerves as compared to the spinal cord and spinal nerves?
2. What are their anatomical and physiologic similarities?
3. Be sure to include in your discussion a detailed description of the integrative functions of the brain (motor control, language, etc), and the role the special senses and general senses play in recognizing and processing different types of stimuli.
a) The essay must contain at least 300 words (excluding list of references) using Times New Roman No. 12 font size, double-spaced.
b) Follow the APA style to format the list of bibliographic references (alphabetical order, indentation, etc) as well as the in-text citations (author, year). More information on APA formatting can be found here:
c) Turn in the assignment as a Word document by the due date using the provided link.

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