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Week 2 Discussion Board – Formatting Workbook Text and Data

Using the Internet, conduct a thorough search for more information on Module 2. Choose one bullet listed below and explain and also include a reason to use in your worksheet for your bullet from the following:

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Section 2.1 

  • Change fonts, font style, and font color
  • Add fill colors and a background image
  • Create formulas to calculate sales data
  • Format numbers as currency and percentages
  • Format dates and times
  • Align, indent, and rotate cell contents
  • Merge a group of cells

Section 2.2

  • Use the AVERAGE function
  • Apply cell styles
  • Copy and paste formats with the Format Painter
  • Find and replace text and formatting
  • Change workbook themes

Be sure to cite your sources using APA style format. For information on how to use proper APA style formatting. 150 word count