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Week 2 Midweek Assignment: Cell Components

Using an Analogy to Relate Cells to Everyday Life

Create an analogy for an animal cell, such as a type of building, group of people, sport, or game. Your analogy should include the plasma membrane and at least five organelles. Present your analogy as a drawing. Clearly label your drawing to show how each item in your drawing represents a specific organelle of a cell. Include a title. Then provide an explanation of your analogy. You may do your drawing electronically (using Word, PowerPoint, Paint, Publisher, etc.), or you may make a hand drawing and upload a picture with your explanation in a Word document. Make sure your title and labels are all legible and that the picture is good quality.

As an example, you could compare the cell to a circus, where the circus tent would serve as the plasma membrane, the ringmaster would serve as the nucleus, the stadium vendors would serve as Golgi apparatus because they are transporting food to the patrons, the janitors would serve as lysosomes because they keep the place clean, and the patrons would serve as the mitochondria because they bring the energy to the environment. Your drawing would then be of a circus showing each of these parts, and your description would correlate the parts of the circus with the parts of the cell. 

Important to note: Your drawing must be your analogy, not a drawing of the cell itself. 

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