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Weeks 1–5: Submit your Excel spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet should show the results of the transactions you performed this week and the data you collected. Remember that you need to make at least one transaction per week. Do not erase any record of the cryptocurrency you sold. Just add a new line for the new cryptocurrency. 

Be sure to update the title of your Excel spreadsheet to Week[number]_CoinMarketCap_[YourName].

Week 6: Submit your Excel spreadsheet one final time, after selling your cryptocurrency portfolio. The spreadsheet will calculate the value of each cryptocurrency, the portfolio value, and the change of portfolio value. 

Week 7: Submit your term paper, making sure that it is no longer than three pages and formatted according to APA style (7th edition).

Refer to Instructions: CoinMarket Cap Simulation Project and Term Paper in the Content / Syllabus area to make sure you’ve met all the requirements each week.

You’ll submit to this Assignments folder each week until Week 7, at which time it will contain six Excel files (one submitted each week) and one Word file (the term paper).