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You should provide well-written and organized answers to the questions one by one (using a question-answer format). Although it is not necessary to develop all the information into a formal report, your answer to each question should be well organized. Please write succinctly and precisely, and in full sentences, but not in a bulleted point format. Also note that the emphasis is on the content but not the length of your answers in marking your submission. Assignment Questions: 1) What were the problems in the initial attempts by McDonald’s India to create its French fries supply chain? (20%) 2) Under McCain’s management, the McFries supply chain has been effective. What were the key factors that led to McCain’s success? (20%) 3) Going forward, what are the risks and vulnerabilities of this arrangement for McDonald’s? (10%) What should McDonald’s do about them? (10%) 4) What are the options McDonald’s India could pursue, to meet the huge growth in demand that has been predicted in India? (20%) 5) Is it better to push for 100% localization using one supplier or to use a multi-supplier strategy by continuing to import some supply? (20%)

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