What can we do to overcome dehumanization in our

SOCIAL ETHICS: THE GOOD LIFE Philosophy 123-A This paper is focused on the works we read of Buber, Levinas, King, West, Fanon, Freire, Nkrumah, de Beauvoir, Noddings, and Ruddick. Use quotations from four (4) of these sources in developing your argument of defense. The papers should conform to the following specifications: Paper Specifications: – Length: 5-5 1/2 pages of text. – Margins: 1 inch on all sides. – Font Size: 12 point. – Font Preferences: Times, Times New Roman, or New York. – Print: dark black. – Type Spacing: double. – Quotations of three (3) or fewer lines are to be placed between quotation marks (“quotation”); quotation of four (4) or more lines are to be block quoted (indented and single spaced). – Pages should be numbered. – Only the texts assigned for the course can be used as sources (see above). – Each quotation must have a proper reference note (in Chicago or MLA style).

– The paper should be stapled (not paper clipped). – Do not use dictionaries and encyclopedias. – Do not quote or refer to anything in Professor Johnson’s lectures. – Use of the words “feel/felt” “I’, “my”, or “me” is prohibited. – Double-sided printing is acceptable (let us be responsible to the environment). – The paper should be written in a serious and scholarly style; do not slang terms (eg, ok or okay) or contractions (eg, don’t, can’t). – Paper should have a cover page with the following information: a. Title question. b. Your name. c. Title of course and course number. d. Name of professor. – The paper should be organized following this structure: a. Thesis: your position on the question is clearly stated in the first paragraph. b. Defense: defend your thesis using well developed arguments supported with quotations from the texts indicated in these instructions. Use four (4) sources.

Question/Title What can we do to overcome dehumanization in our world today?

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