What defines a “just war” ?

New emerging types of war: drones, cyber-warfare, robotics, AI, etc. Consider these questions and/or look over the study guides for more ideas:

What defines a “just war” ? Is war a product of nature or nurture or neither? Does it matter? Does it matter if warfare has changed over time? Is war and violence increasing or decreasing? Consider civilians in your answer or— explain why you don’t consider them. Compare and contrast any of the theories or historical cases discussed in lecture and the readings. Where do these theories or examples fall short? How well do the authors explain either human nature, specific case studies of why wars happen or general causes of war? Which author(s) do you most agree or disagree with and why? What role does either the science, economy, patriarchy, education or violence have in why war happens? Is there a way to stop war? Is war a necessity? What is war?

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