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What is one thing the videos have in common?
I noticed that there was an increased employment for Aboriginal people. From working in casinos, trades, and in the agriculture sector, many find success and as a result, they overcome challenges like addictions because their lifestyle changes. With no longer depending on substances, they can support themselves and their families, accessible childcare, and improvement in skill.
What are some key differences?
That everyone works in different parts of Saskatchewan and work sectors. With limited employment opportunities in Northern Saskatchewan, many are struggling to provide for their families, poor housing conditions, and with cultural discrimination. Comparing the Southern side of the province to Flying Dust, they have quick access to travel to other cities and provinces and booming tourism that increases economic growth. Unlike the Flying Dust, they had no equipment and are faced with weather conditions that might affect their crops.
What is the role of economic development?
As shown in the videos, there has been an increase in employment opportunities especially for Aboriginal People. Due to Saskatchewan’s diverse economy especially in the agriculture and mining sectors, there is a potential employment growth and an expansion in the continuing economy. By improving opportunities for Aboriginal People, raising tax revenue and increasing the productivity of labour can lead to an increased prosperity in Canada’s economic development.

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