“what technology enables self-driving cars”

First page: A separate page with the title of your paper, your name, student ID, email address, and other identifying information (course, quarter, instructor, and date) Introduction: Introduce the topic as well as define your analytical question/statement Description: Present the results of your research in detail Discussion: What is the significance of your research to the question or problem? Answer: Answer the question or problem you posed Conclusion: Summarize the main points (and maybe more, e.g. explain the significance) References: All of the sources you use should be documented here When preparing your draft, please consider the following: At this stage, you are likely still organizing your ideas and developing the overall structure of the paper. Do not yet worry about “details” (such as spelling or grammar). Please turn off the “editor” in you so that you can remain creative. Make sure your paper includes a question/problem at the beginning and your answer to this question at the end of the discussion. Remember that “why” questions will take you further than “what” questions. For example, “why do many consumers feel uneasy about self-driving cars” will generate more discussion than “what technology enables self-driving cars”. Warning: The use of references without proper citation is plagiarism, and amounts to academic misconduct. Students who use references or quotations without proper citations can be referred to Student Judicial Affairs for possible sanctions.

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