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While working as a staffer in the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis, the DHS Chief of Staff requests that your supervisor, the Assistant Secretary, Office of Intelligence and Analysis, provide the incoming DHS Secretary with an informative product on the US Intelligence Community and DHS’ role in this structure. Guidance from your supervisor about what to include in your report includes but is not limited to: Organizations within the Intelligence Community and their Roles; Explanation of the Intelligence Cycle; the function and importance of DHS Intelligence Fusion Centers. The Secretary will have a significant amount of information to absorb during his first few weeks as the head of DHS, therefore, the Chief of Staff has directed that your briefing product will take the form of an information paper, not to exceed a total of two pages in length. A third page will include a list of resources used. Covering the requested topic in only two pages will be more challenging that having the freedom of an unlimited number of pages. 

  • You must use your discretion to ensure that you include the most important information while meeting the two page requirement and answering the “so what” about the Intelligence Community