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Before posting to this discussion, be sure you have completed the assigned reading.


Summarize your thoughts about which one of the stated organizational reasons is probably the most important, when considering why good people make unethical choices.

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-Content: 9.0 pts                 

Student lists and provides some insight into 5 to 6 items from the reading(s) that are applicable and relevant to the topics discussed thus far in the course; provides comprehensive, thoughtful reflection about specific actions that would be taken.

– Communication of ideas/Grammar: 5.0  pts                 

Student clearly communicates their ideas and uses good structure along with proper grammar and spelling.


To Complete this assignment you must log into black board to access the NROC Unit player. I will provide you with a username and password. You will be working on Unit 4 assignment. The NCOR will guide you through Unit 4 until you have completed the first/second/final draft. I will also access the unit to check progress from the instructor. I will need you to stay in contact with me via message so we can be on the same page. This assignment is due no later than Feb 20, 2020. If you are not going to put your all into the assignment to help me accomplish an A grade please don’t volunteer.

Once logged into black board

Click the drop down bar in the right hand corner of the page

Click English 002

Click Units on left side of page

Click Unit 4 Interpreting Bias

Read Intructions before proceeding.

Click here to begin Unit 4 (opens a new window)

Unit 4 Assessment Foundations Assignments for Comma Use, Parallel Structure, And Modifiers
Reading Assignment: “Social Media: Friend or Foe?” by Kara Woodridge
Writing Assignment: Multi-paragraph Essay Taking a Side on The Woodridge Debate
The assignment should be completed by February 20

Please do not procrastinate!