Write a brief (1-2 pages) analysis of your negotiation experience.

Write a brief (1-2 pages) analysis of your negotiation experience. These analyses should include: 1) an analysis of the key factors that you think explain what happened in this negotiation and why; 2) an assessment of the style, tactics, and performance of yourself and your negotiation opponent. 3) key lessons learned from this negotiation. You have one week to submit these analysis after your in class negotiation. See course schedule for the due dates. Submit one copy on ilearn. See attached document for examples of questions you can address in your analysis. Do not plan on answering every question, answer those that were relevant to your negotiation experience.

You will be graded on the following criteria:

  1. The analysis reflected that the student participated in the negotiation and reflected on their own experience
  2. The analysis reflected an understanding of the counterparts position and strategies
  3. Course concepts were used in the analysis
  4. The student demonstrated a good understanding of course concepts and use key words
  5. The student demonstrated that course readings were completed

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