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this assignment is due on Thursday…… must have done on thursday…… no late

You must use the attachment to write the paper and for guidance. That is the proposal I submitted to my teacher.  The paper must have similar or if not the exact info from the proposal attachment.  Read Attachment first!!!!

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Then Read this part first:

Write a research paper in which you argue your thesis regarding a topic chosen from the approved topic list and appropriately narrowed. Be sure that your thesis directly relates to popular culture. You will compose a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 pages of text, not including the works cited list. You will use MLA 8th edition formatting for your references (there should be a minimum of six), and a virtual trip to the library is included in class instruction.

The research paper should contain:

An introductory section that includes a thesis statement and three to five supporting details;

Three to five body sections that address the supporting details with specific evidence derived from scholarly sources;

A conclusion section that summarizes the thesis statement and mentions the supporting details, along with a component that wraps up the main theme of the essay and evaluates the referenced material….

Use the attachment to write the paper making sure everything listed above is met. Must use some of the references in the attachment as well.