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Write a review 3-4 pages.

Analyze and discuss the material from the chapter that you have chosen and address the following: 

– What were the central challenges and obstacles faced by Puerto Rico ( in developing a cohesive modern nation state

Some issues to consider: 

  • What role had ethnic and racial division played in facilitating or hindering the development of a cohesive national identity? 
  • Is this nation (or group of Islands) independent or is it still dependent on a foreign power?
  • How was this nation (or group of Islands) affected by sugar production and slavery? 
  • What role, if any, has the United States played? 
  • How have economic issues influenced the process of national development? 
  • How might you compare your chosen nation’s (or group of Islands) national development with one of the other regions or language groups? 
  • What, in your opinion, might this nation (or group of Islands) do to improve its national development and identity?

Needs to have an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Double-spaced. Citations needed. Use attach document and outside sources if needed.