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Write an mediated essay on the topic :- Why taxing bad things isnt always a good policy?
And the essay should use a Rogerian approach for constructing arguments—meaning to recognize, restate, and offer rebuttal to the author’s viewpoint and the primary differing position(s); next offer your own mediated position clearly with evidence—synthesizing the two positions into a compromise on the issue.
In this essay only mediated argument should be presented which is one that presents both [multiple] sides of an issue, establishes common ground between the differing positions, and offers a resolution that considers the goals and values of both [multiple] positions”.
The essay should only use these 9 sources given below :-
Smith, N. (2020). Why Taxing Bad Things Isnt Always Good Policy. Retrieved November 02, 2020, from
Franck, C., Grandi, S., & Eisenberg, M. (2013, November). Taxing junk food to counter obesity. Retrieved November 02, 2020, from
3. Lyon, A., & Schwab, R. (1991). Consumption Taxes in a Life-Cycle Framework: Are Sin Taxes Regressive? doi:10.3386/w3932
4. Pettinger, T., Hicks, N., Hayleigh, H., & Dick, D. (2020, March 10). Pros and cons of higher tax on alcohol. Retrieved November 02, 2020, from
5.Marron, D. (2015, December 14). Should Governments Tax Unhealthy Foods and Drinks? Retrieved November 02, 2020, from
6.Elder, R., Lawrence, B., Ferguson, A., & Naimi, T. (2010, February). The effectiveness of tax policy interventions for reducing excessive alcohol consumption and related harms. Retrieved November 02, 2020, from
7. Shughart II, W. F., & Thomas, M. D. (2017). Taxes on Unhealthy Food Are Ineffective and Hurt the Poor: William F. Shughart II. Retrieved November 02, 2020, from
8. Franklin, P. (2006). Taxing bad things isnt good. Retrieved November 02, 2020, from
9.Boaz, D. (2020, April 03). One Bad and Eight Good Reasons to Cut Taxes. Retrieved November 02, 2020, from
Use all these 9 sources only. Have to use all the given sources for the essay.

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