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Assignment 2 involves writing a social marketing report on any specific issue for Children Nutrition. Students need to write a total of 2,500 words (approx.) report. 10% over or below is acceptable. The written work will consist of two sections (Part A: 1000 words and B: 1500 words), where in part A you have to frame a literature review:
You literature review will demonstrates that you know the issue very well. This means more than reading the existing literatures. Instead, you need to read it critically and to write to make a link or find relevance to your work. You can focus on defining the research problem here (e.g. anaemia or impaired sight). Use/cite existing works to justify the reason for your research. Try to show that what is neglected. All these will allow you to map the field and position your research within the context. This will also allow you to identify the gap and you have also to be able to convince your reader that what you are proposing is important and needs to be done. You also need to cite minimum five journal articles here to focus fully understanding the issue and further work on that particular issue. The marking guide for Part A is

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