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Writing Assignment #1: Considering Restorative Justice, Due November 4.  

After reading Howard Zehr’s The Little Book of Restorative Justice, please consider how this model might operate in your jurisdiction. What strengths and limitations do you see in this model?  What obstacles might there be in implementing this model?  Specifically, consider a case which you believe might have better outcomes if it had gone through the restorative, rather than the retributive process (you can choose a case which you are familiar with through the media or through personal experience). Explain what complexities in the case you believe would be a consideration, and why you think this case may have been a better fit than in the traditional, adversarial model.  2-3 pages. 

Please directly cite the material (using in-text citations) in your response, using specific examples to make your point and support your position.

If you do not know how to use citations, refer to the guide “APA The Easy Way,” see me, or visit the Academic Enrichment Center (see info later in the syllabus on AEC).