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  1. You are the lead digital investigator for XYZ Corp. You are called to the scene of a crime involving a computer and asked to examine the unit. You observe the following.
    1. The time and date in log files appear to be manipulated
    2. There are three folders located on the device that are password protected and you need to access them
    3. You need to fully investigate the computer and specifically address the two observations. Specifically, address numbers 1 and 2 and decide what the best course of action is to investigate each issue. This content is covered in chapter 15, so the best solution will be based in part on that chapter. I need to see additional research to support your approach.
      Your paper should be in APA format, with at least two scholarly resources, and at least 1000 words.
      It is fine to make some assumptions in the writing just be sure to state those assumptions.