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You are to create your own presentation slide set on bacteria and viruses. You may use PowerPoint to complete this activity.

*Grading will be a deduction of 5 points out of 100 per inaccuracy noticed.

Please follow the outline for each slide below for your presentation: 

  • Slide 1: What is a bacteria?
  • Slide 2: What is a virus?
  • Slide 3: Lytic vs. lysogenic cycle
  • Slide 4: Info. slide on bacterial symbiont of your choosing (a bacteria that is beneficial to another organism)
  • Slide 5: Info. slide on bacterial pathogen of your choosing (a bacterial that is infections to another organism)
  • Slide 6: Info. slide on virus of choosing
  • Slide 7: Compare and contrast viruses and bacteria (you may insert a Venn diagram)
  • Slide 8: Works cited (you may simply list the website – please provide links – use your evaluative skills to determine if a source is providing reliable information)