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You have completed EH 1010! In as much as reflection is a genre, it is also an action—one of the most important actions of the writing process. Writing a reflection does not mean that you focus on what you would have changed or what you may have failed at doing; instead, a reflection should be a holistic assessment of an experience so that you can apply those lessons to the next experience.
You have written three essays for this course. Please reflect upon your experience in EH 1010 by addressing the following questions. You do not have to address all of them or address them in order.
What was your most successful essay in this course? (Unit V Essay) You may want to judge that based upon your instructor’s assessment, but it would be more beneficial for you to base this upon what you feel is your best work. What was it that made this essay so successful for you?
What kinds of elements do you consider when thinking about what makes a successful essay? After listing some of those attributes, how does your most successful essay match up with these elements? In what ways does it fall short?
What did you consider to be your least successful essay? (Unit IV) Why do you think that it was not successful?
What would you have done differently when writing that least successful essay? In thinking about what you would have changed, did you really have the opportunity to make that change at the time? Why, or why not?
What have you learned about the writing process? What is
writing process? How has the emergence or, at least, definition of that process changed how you write, if at all?
What was your favorite thing that we did in the course? Why? What was the least appealing thing we did in the course? Why?
Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, Toms response to Susans comment.
My most successful essay this course I believe is my Illustrative Essay. The flow of the paper I felt was organized and covered each point substantially. The fluidity of the essay was very smooth. After receiving the feedback on my Comparative Essay from Dr. Smith, I tried to make sure I applied all of her recommendations. Im still learning to be more proficient in proofreading for errors. The Comparative Essay was definitely my least successful. Being away from structural writing, was displayed in that first paper. I would’ve taken advantage of the writing center had I knew my abilities weren’t up to par during that assignment. Changes could’ve been made after the draft was submitted. However, my understanding of how to utilize the online resources was slightly skewed. The writing process has helped me understand aspects of writing that I had never considered. Considering the volume of paperwork thats required to be written in the fire department, learning about the writing process will help me perfect whatever document I may have to write. The discussion boards are my favorite. Merely for the insight of everyone’s various opinions, challenges they may face and how similar or different they may be.

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