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You will choose from one of
the three topics to write on. Your sources will be the class readings,
textbook, and my notes. It will be at least four-pages. The essay should
include an Introduction, Thesis, Supporting Paragraphs, Conclusion, and Sources. It should be 12 Point-Type, One Inch Margins, Double-Spaced, Times New Roman. It should include In-Text Citation and a separate Work Cited page for the sources used in the essay.
In what ways did McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt’s actions as presidents help to turn us into a world power? Did their ideas help or hurt politics in one of the following areas: Europe, Latin America, or Asia?
What major actions did FDR support to get the US out of the Great
Depression? Did these actions work and how did they impact issues in
Europe during the 1930s?
In what ways did the Truman Plan and Marshall Plan help to set the foundation for the Cold War? How did US philosophies in the Cold War
impact either Europe or Asia?

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