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For this activity, you will construct a reverse outline of your persuasive essay draft. Answer the following questions to make a reverse outline of the essay draft you completed in the previous module. You should begin by opening your essay in a word processing program like Microsoft Word. Then, in a separate Word document, complete the following steps.

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  1. Type or copy and paste your thesis into your Word document.
  2. Type or copy and paste your first body paragraph into your Word document (TIP: If you retype it, you might catch small-scale errors, such as grammar or punctuation).
  3. In the body paragraph you just copied, designate each element of the PIE method (Point, Information, and Explanation) by placing the letter P, I, or E in front of the corresponding sentence. Then, type brief notes about whether or not you need more information. (TIP: If you’re having trouble finding the elements of the PIE method, it might indicate a problem and the need for revision.)
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the rest of your body paragraphs.


For assignment details, see Assignments > Module 2 Consulting Simulation assignment pack > Assignment 2.4

25 points

Final research proposal memo documents include:

  1. 5-6 page research proposal in memo form
  2. Schedule
  3. Bibliography

How to submit the assignment

Attach the documents, in the order listed above, as .pdf files using the following filenames:

  1. Mod2_researchmemo_YourTeamname.pdf
  2. Mod2_schedule_YourTeamname.pdf
  3. Mod2_bibliography_YourTeamname.pdf

Caution! Do NOT submit these documents in a zipped folder; they will not be graded.

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